01. Rebirth (I'm a Hustler)
02. Back In The Buildin'
03. I'm Hot, You're Not (feat. San E)
04. 강해질거야 (feat. Ku In Hoe of M.A.C)
05. History (A Decade Of K-Hip Hop) (feat. Verbal Jint)
06. Hero Music (feat. L.E.O, Basick, Blockbuster, Pento, J'kyun, SQ, Huckleberry P, B-Free)
07. 청춘에게
08. 불편한 진실 (feat. Swings)
09. Lost & Found (feat. Jinbo)
10. The Inspiration (feat. The Quiett)
11. My First Song (feat. Park So Eun)
12. Special Thanks


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