90 Director's Cut Album

01. '90 Remix (intro)
02. The Man from Hell (feat. Kenvo)
03. JA Meets DJ SON Remix (feat. DJ Son)
04. 주름 Remix (feat. VON)
05. Life's A Bitch Remix (feat. Swings)
06. Struggle in my lab Remix (feat. Loptimist)
07. Under Confinement Remix (feat. Fana)
08. Mass Konfusion Remix (feat. Choc)
09. Pain in the Ass (feat. B-Free, BIZNIZ)
10. Summertime Remix (feat. N'fa, Two Tokez)
11. Dark Dignity Remix (feat. Ignito)
12. Dead 2 Me Remix (feat. Psychward)
13. 직함 Remix (feat. Addsp2ch)
14. Open Your Eyes (feat. MazorKey)
15. I'm not Jokin' Remix (feat. Basick)
16. Murder MC Remix (feat. Pento)
17. The Last Day Remix (feat. Giant)
18. Pied Piper Remix (feat. b-soap)


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